Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wherever Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with for Wherever Wednesday.  "Wherever Wednesday is a celebration of what makes the places we live unique. "
This is my first year living "Up North, Minnesota" and I am discovering things that are new to me, that are unique (or maybe not) to this area.

November 5 is a holiday for students in my district - because it's the first week of deer hunting season. TIUN (This Is Up North)

The fashion color for fall is bright orange. TIUN

It seems like everyone is related somehow. TIUN (Or actually anywhere small town USA)

When you hire someone to come work on your house, they may come tomorrow or they may come next month. TIUN

You can actually drive somewhere without seeing a stoplight. TIUN

When you go to the gas station or the grocery store you always see someone you know. TIUN

At night a full moon actually lights up the yard like a spotlight.. TIUN


Gale said...

Thanks so much for linking up on Wherever Wednesday! Loved reading you TIUNs! A holiday for hunting? My dad would have been in heaven up there. :-). So where did you live before Minnisota?

Bohemian Babushka said...

LOL JAHA You're TIUN has a lot in common w/my Up North in The South. And though I go down to Miami every few weeks for work and family obligations, I always look forward to returning home to my little town. They kinda grow on you don't they? Here from the hop and look forward to more great pics from TIUN.


Carrie said...

ha ha, I love these! Especially the deer hunting one, I had never thought of that!