Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY Project List

There are so many projects I want to complete this year. Some projects are fairly simple, and others are more complicated. Here's a bit of a list: (no particular order)

1) New work space in my craft room. I want to get rid of the desk and dresser and make a new craft table. I'd also like to have pegboard on one wall. Kind of like this:
I want to have more work space than this picture.
Craig and I talked about having an l-shaped counter: buying two 4-drawer cabintes for the ends, and a corner cabinet with a lazy susan in the corner. Maybe a space like this.....but I'd add pegboard like in the first picture.

2)Install board and batten in my downstairs bathroom. One of my inspiration pictures:

3) Gallery wall - at the cabin. I've seen so many examples on different blogs. Here's one:
This is from and in this post she even tells how to do it. I think I will do mine on a wall in my bedroom to start with. (The stairway wall at the cabin right now just has sheetrock. It needs to be taped and painted before it would be ready for pictures.)

4) New cushion covers for the chairs on the front piorch. I have the fabric. I just need to sit down and sew the covers.

5) Magnetic calendar made from cookie sheet

6) Treasure Tray - Archiver's has many samples of these trays. Here's another sample I found:

I have the tray - so I just need to decide on a theme, and get going!

7) Many more small projects: frames, cards, scrapbooking, etc.

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Carrie said...

I love the inspiration pictures - can't wait to see your projects!