Thursday, April 12, 2007


My son called the other night and asked if I could babysit his 3 kids on Saturday. He needs a babysitter from 9-6. I said that I could do it. But now I wonder - how am I going to make it all day by myself? What can I do with three kids under 4 for 9 hours? How did I do it when I had 4 kids of my own? I just hope the weather is nice and we can go outside. And I hope that my husband might be able to be there for at least part of the day. I love my grandchildren dearly, and I love being with them - but I still worry about being able to keep up with them for a whole day.
Now I know why God gives us kids when we're young!

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Carrie B said...

I wish I could be there to help! You know I would be there in a heartbeat! I, however, will be climbing a VOLCANO!