Sunday, April 8, 2007

Truckin' News

Our 1983 Peterbilt 359 is back in business! After two weeks of being in the shop the truck has finally been put back together and is on the road. Craig and Lonnie worked so hard to fix the problems with the cam shaft and other worn parts. They almost lost hope when they had everything back together and had put water in the radiator only to see the water leaking out. They told me that there were about 300 bolts holding the radiator together - and there they were taking it apart again. They found out that there were some pinholes in the aluminum base plate. So they took it to a welder, bought more gaskets and put it back together. This time, before they put it in the truck they pressure tested it - and it still leaked! They took it apart again, and took it to a man who works on boat props. He found a couple of other bad spots, and welded them. Finally, the radiator was fixed. It was time to put it in the truck and hook everything up.
Craig let Lonnie take the truck on her maiden run and he was really pleased with how well the engine was running. He said it's the best engine he's ever worked on.
This afternoon Craig took off for Wisconsin. He's back on the road, back to work. It was SO hard to say goodbye - but God is faithful. He will help us while we are apart.

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