Monday, May 21, 2007

The Creativity of God as seen while landscaping

This weekend my husband and I spent most of our time working on our yard. We have now lived in this house for a year - so it was time to "decorate" our outer rooms just as we've done inside. We created a berm in our front yard and planted a hawthorn tree on it in memory of my mom. We edged the berm with pavers and covered it with mulch. We laid sod on each side of the driveway. We spread landscape fabric on a 20x50 ft. area of the back yard and covered it with wood chips. We divided the large vegetable garden from the previous owners into 4 sections, each 8 ft. square, with paths in between. Last weekend we planted 9 trees - 6 white pine, 2 australian pine and a hackberry. And in every plant and tree we saw God's handiwork. Who else could create so many vareites of plants and trees? Each leaf has a different shape and color. The newer leaves are different from the mature leaves. Even the evergreens have needles that are different in shape and texture. We also noticed that as soon as we had trees in our yard the birds came. I was so excited to see goldfinches again, just like we had at the farm. God created the birds too - with different shapes, different songs, etc. And then my husband said, "Just think of all the people who have ever lived. Every single person is different, but all made in God's image."
God is endlessly creative - He delights in His creation, and I do too!

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Maxine said...

This post was a blessing. Your weekend sounds just wonderful and as a bird lover, I smiled when you talked about the birds. Thanks for sharing this with us.

You came to one of my blogs a week or so ago and I couldn't find you because your blog wasn't listed on your profile. Then I "stumbled" upon you the other day and saw that you have me on your sidebar!
I'll be coming back to visit you often. I'm a "nana" too, although I spell it with two n's!

Look forward to getting to know you better. The Lord's blessings to you and your family.