Monday, June 4, 2007

My Brother

Last Friday was my brother's 47th birthday and I missed it. I have had a hard time lately, getting birthday cards and greetings to friends and family on time. I really have no excuse other than "old age." So I want to publicly apologize to my brother, and tell you all what a great guy he is. Mark lives in Japan with his family. He teaches English in an all girls private school there. He calls home to talk with our dad every two weeks or so. He helps take care of his in-laws. He brings his family home for a visit about every two years, which must cost a great deal of money. He keeps up with Minnesota news, and follows the MN Twins, Vikings and Wild via the Internet.
He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior when he was a child, and continues to grow in his faith. He is active in his church there, and is raising his children to know the Lord. I am so thankful that he is my brother. I just wish there wasn't an ocean in between us!

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