Monday, June 4, 2007

Tractor Pull - Part Two: Life application

As I thought about the tractor pull I realized that it's a picture of life. We start out at the starting line - the beginning of a career, or a season, or a task, etc. We are all excited, revving up our motors, straining to get moving. And so we start. Sometimes we are able to fly down the "track" and get to the finish line. But sometimes life gets us down, pulls at us like the weights on the sled. And so we go slower and slower. Sometimes our motor blows up and we need to be towed off the track. Sometimes we can't even begin to pull the sled - the task is too great (ex. might be grief or fear) and we get overwhelmed. So we ask for a little help. Thankfully, God does not judge us by how far we pull the sled, or how much smoke we give off, or how fast we go or even what we look like. He just asks us to be faithful and keep our eyes on Him - to trust that He does not put more weight on our sled than we can handle, and to trust that He will be waiting to give us a little nudge or even tow us off the track if we need help. And He is waiting at the finish line to say, "well done, thou good and faithful servant!"


Maxine said...

What a nice correlation between the sled and life! So true!! I enjoyed reading this, very much!

Stephanie said...

Where is the Wonderful Wednesday update!? :)