Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ideas for Christmas?

My daughter-in-law and I have started talking about what we should do for Christmas this year. For the past few years our kids have exchanged names, we have bought presents for eveyone, and everyone bought presents for the grandkids. Money is a bit tighter this year - and we feel that we don't really need anything. We know that Christmas isn't just about the gifts. we've always tried to celebrate god's gift to us - His Son, Jesus Christ. I want the day to be special for everyone - so what should we do? Do you have any ideas or traditions that have been really special for your family?

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Brenton Balvin said...

Mom, I know most of the family reads your blog and since you brought it up....

I think we should just let everyone feel free to do whatever they want for Christmas this year. If people can/want to buy gifts - so be it. If people can't - no big deal. Either way we'll all be together.

Let's get the kids somethings they can enjoy and we'll all just eat and watch TV.

Give something out of generosity and kindness if you can. If you can't - I still love you just as much.

Equality is over rated. Jealous is dumb. Joy is what we should shoot for.

My two (or four, or six) cents...