Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Vacation

I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog. There are a few reasons why - but the main one is that I've been enjoying my time off and haven't spent as much time on the computer. Here are a couple of highlights from my summer so far:

  • My daughter, Carrie, has been living at home this summer. We have had so much fun cooking together, scrapbooking, shopping, and just hanging out together.

  • A week at the cabin. Craig and I went up on Monday night, our daughter came up Wednesday night, and the boys came up on Friday, July 4th, for the weekend. We had such a good time playing cards, throwing bean bags, grilling our meals, and just relaxing.

  • The next week I went to Northfield, picked Craig up from the truckstop and went over to Brenton and Stephanie's for supper. We spent a delightful evening with them (and our grandchildren.) Then I brought Jake home with me. He stayed here two nights before Brenton and the other two kids picked us up and we all went to the cabin. The kids loved being at the cabin.

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Maxine said...

It's so nice to see pictures of you! So glad you're enjoying your summer!