Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you sinking?

A new school year at a new school has begun. I have been at my new school for a month now, and I'm starting to know where things are, I can put faces together with names for the staff (I have a long ways to go with parents and students!), and I am feeling a bit more comfortable. It is amazing how it happens. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, take one day at a time, concentrate on learning one task at a time, and pretty soon it all feels familiar. I just keep trusting God to help me through each day, one day at a time. If I look too far ahead I am overwhelmed. I guess that's similar to Peter when he tried to walk on water. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus and kept putting one foot in front of the other, he was okay. But when he looked around, or looked down, he started sinking.
Do you feel overwhelmed, or feel like you're sinking? With your eyes on Jesus and only on Him, just keep taking one step at a time. He will hold you up.


Stephanie Balvin said...

Thanks for the entry Kris, I needed to read it today! I feel like I am sinking right now- more as a mom than a teacher, but it's all piling on right now. Thanks for the reminder to take one step at a time.

Brenton Balvin said...

Yeah I definitely can relate to those feelings. There are times at work where it seems like all the junk pile son at the same time. You really have to slow down and step and back realize it doesn't all depend on you, and trust that Jesus has a plan better than you can see.

Anonymous said...

Weird that I just read this and needed to read it also. How easy does this sound to do but hard to practice every minute of ours days. I diddo Brenton's comment as well as all my time away from work. I look down instead of keeping my eyes on Jesus. Thanks Mom