Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A God Thing

We have been working all summer on getting our roof and siding fixed since the hail storm hit our house Memorial weekend. The insurance company had been swamped with claims and was slow to come out and work on our claim. We finally got the settlement from them. Now we are working with a contractor to get the work done. We picked a company who had come out in June. They belong to the same small business group as our neighbor, and I liked them when I talked with them. But still I wondered if we were doing the right thing. Don, the sales manager, came out last Thursday night to start talking specifics. Craig couldn't be home to meet with him, and I started getting nervous about doing it by myself. I wondered if it waas wise to be alone in the house with him. But once Don got here, I felt comfortable talking with him. He brought good size samples of shingles, and color samples for siding. He went through the settlement from the insurance company and his estimate.
This weekend Craig and I went over the things Don had talked aout with me, and we made some decisions. We really want to get the roof done while it is still warm outside. So, Craig went back on the road and I called Don. He came out tonight to write up the contract for the roof replacement. And tonight I found out that, while I'm not absolutely sure if he's a Christian, at least he knows about God. He saw my Bible open on the dining room table and commented that he needs to get back to meditating on the Word. I showed him my devotional called Daily Bread, and he said his mom uses that for her devotions. He told me some about his family back in Virginia, and that his kids go to a Christian school. The whole conversation made me feel so much better about our decision to use his company.I am going to pray for his shoulder, which he injured again recently (he had rotator cuff surgery last spring), and pray for him and his family. He is here for 3 weeks at a time before going homr for a week. Finally, I am going to look for more opportunities to talk with him about God during this process of getting our house fixed.
Thank you, God,for providing someone I can feel okay about having here during this process of fixing our home.

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