Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been reading a book recently called Twinkle. It was written by Elisa Morgan, the president and CEO of MOPS International. Twinkle is a book about sharing your faith in everyday life. It is an easy read, and contains real-life stories and lotsof encouragment. One of my favorites parts is when she asks, "What kind of light are you?" She goes on to describe various kinds of light and how they are examples of the way we touch other peoples life. For example (from page 24):
Are you a candle? Do you light the room around you? Are you vulnerable to other influences that might snuff you out? How about a flashlight? Do you click on in emergencies? Are you good at sharing in a pinch but turn off in everyday?
Elisa Morgan suggests that there's freedom in knowing and accepting what kind of light "container" we are, but encourages us that the important thing is the light. We live in a very dark world. Just as light changes darkness, the light of Jesus Christ changes lives.
Read Twinkle and find out how to get past the barriers to letting you light shine (the "I can'ts) and learn about some very practical things you can do to shine, no matter what your "light container" is (are you neon light, or a searchlight, a lantern or a spotlight?).

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