Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pebbles in your shoes?

Yesterday I heard a talk on KTIS radio by Dennis Rainey on his program, Family Life. He said that we are worn down less by the mountains we climb than by the small pebbles in our shoes.
I started thinking about what the pebbles might be in my life... bad drivers, leaving the bed unmade, people at work who do things a different way than me... I realized that I have fewer pebbles now that my children have grown up and are off on their own, my husband is gone all week and I am often alone ... my list from years ago might have included chores undone, dirty dishes or laundry, lights left on, etc.
Dennis Rainey suggests that we apply the Bible verse, "In everything give thanks" (1 Thess. 5:18, Eph. 5:20) to every pebble in our lives. We need to start praying whenever we are feeling frustrated and look for God to help us deal with the irritating pebbles.
It's really a matter of focus, isn't it? If we take our eyes of the summit, the top of the mountain, the finish line... if we take our eyes off God and focus on the pebbles, we will always be frustrated and discouraged.
What are the pebbles in your life? Lift your eyes to the hills where your help will come from (Psalm 121).

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