Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my First Son

Twenty nine years ago today I held my first-born in my arms and marveled at how perfect he was. Brenton was born at 2:00 AM on New Years Day. He was born ready to take on the world. I can't believe it was twenty nine years ago. It was so much fun watching him grow up.

When he was little he loved to dress up in costume for whatever he was playing. So he was a cowboy, a policeman, a football player, a hockey player, a WWF wrestler. He loved sports, so there were lots of games played in our backyard - always by the professional rules. (Conesquently lots of arguments!) He started playing OMGHA hockey when he was six and the love of hockey continues to this day. He was a good big brother (most of the time) to his younger siblings. Since he was the first born he also had to suffer the consequences of our mistakes as we learned to be parents through each stage- and he sometimes pushed the envelope, tested our limits, and forged his own path.

Today he is a loving husband, and a wonderful parent to his own kids. He is a gifted speaker and writer, and pushes himself to be the best he can be at whatever he does. He is honest with others about his faults. I envy him for that. I am so proud of the Christian man he has become.

Happy Birthday, Brenton! I love you!


Maxine said...

Happy Birthday to your son and Happy New Year to you!

kris said...

Thanks, Maxine!