Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two more days

Carrie's coming home in two days. Just two more nights alone in this house. Two nights of eating supper alone, watching TV alone. I am so ready to have my daughter home. We'll cook together, watch some movies together, scrapbook, plan for the holidays, and decorate. And we'll have lots of time to talk.
Carrie won't be just sitting around home the whole time, though. I know she's going to reconnect with some friends, spend lots of time with her niece and nephews, do a little babysitting, and lots of shopping. We're going to the cabin one weekend too, and she'll want to spend time with her brothers at their new house.
I think it's going to be the best holiday season ever!


Stephanie Balvin said...

Izzy woke up this morning (Friday) and started singing on her own-
"Carrie is coming home today yea, yea, yea...Carrie is coming home today, yea, yea yea!" She is very excited for her aunt Kiki!

Stephanie Balvin said...
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