Friday, December 18, 2009

A gift for Jesus

My husband listens every day to a radio program with Pastor Jim Woods from Wears Valley Ranch. This week Pastor Woods talked about giving a gift to Jesus for Christmas. He and his wife have decided not to watch TV this year as their gift. He said that the gift could be as simple as being kind to those around you, helping someone in need, cleaning your church, etc.
Craig and I really like the idea of giving a gift to Jesus at Christmas, the season of giving.
A lot of people use Lent, the time before Easter, as a time of sacrifice or giving to God. Christmas, however, seems a much more appropriate time. The whole world focuses on giving gifts during the Christmas season. The magi brought gifts to baby Jesus. The song about the Little Drummer Boy focuses on giving something to Jesus. And John 3:16 talks about God giving His only Son to us.
We are going to spend some time this week talking about what we can give to Him. How about you? Do have a gift for Him?

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Maxine said...

Wonderful thoughts. My love, my heart, my service, etc. are the best gifts. Praying those things for you and for me.

Have a blessed Christmas, Kris!