Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Night

We came back from the cabin at suppertime. Back to laundry and dishes, planning for the week ahead, saying goodbye (Craig had to go back on the road tonight), and back to being alone. I've got sirius radio on - listening to DoWop music. I went through the mail and paid a few bills. I still need to empty the dishwasher, clear off the dining room table, and get ready for bed. But it's hard to do those things. I want to sit and remember the weekend - driving up north watching the "Wolf Moon" come up. (Did you know that the first full moon of the year is called the wolf moon?) We had breakfast in bed Saturday morning and watched TV. Craig saw an eagle land in a pine tree across the bay. We sat and watched him for quite a while. We did the shopping together, and spent the afternoon doing little projects around the cabin. This morning we made breakfast together, and listened to Moody Church's Sunday service. I read some from Mark Batterson's book, Primal. :
There is something that breaks your heart because it breaks the heart of God. The only question that remains is this: what are you going do to about it? (p. 29)
Batterson always gives me a lot to think about.

This afternoon Craig and I finished hanging our pocket door and trimming it out. It looks so nice! I'll have to take a picture next time we go up - and I'll post it.

So, it was a great weekend..... why do weekends go by so quickly?

Sunday nights are always melancholy for me. Maybe if Craig had a job where he was home every night I wouldn't feel sad... and I really am thankful that we both have jobs and our health and each other. It's just that the week ahead looks long.

Maybe if I go do the dishes and clean off the diningroom table I'll feel better.

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