Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Great Day

Today was a great day. Craig made me breakfast - eggs, hash browns with onions, and maple sausages. Yum!
We worked out in the yard together today. The weather was just perfect. Craig mowed the grass, and we dug out some weedy grass to add another garden area.
This afternoon we went and watched our son, Brenton, play hockey in a men's league tournament called the Walleye Chop. Brenton told us later that we haven't wathced him play in 8 years! Actually we haven't watched any of our boys play since Jeff graduated from college. I have not missed the crazy schedules, driving all over the city for games, etc. But I have missed watching our boys play.
Brenton did so well out there. He has not lost the ability to see the ice, to know where the puck is going to go, where everyone on his team is, and to make the right pass. He is leading his division in assists with 4 assists in 2 games. Way to go, Brenton!
Our daughter called tonight and both Craig and I talked with her.
It's been a good day - thank you, Lord!

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Caeb said...

Yum! That breakfast sounds so good!