Sunday, July 4, 2010

Special Visitors

My daughter,Carrie,and her friend Mardo are here for a vacation. Mardo is from Guatemala and this is his first trip to the U.S.
We have had a great time. Last weekend we took them to the cabin. Brenton and Stephanie and the kids also came up to the cabin and we spent the weekend swimming, playing games, and visiting. On Sunday afternoon Craig's whole family (there were 20 of us) came over to the cabin to celebrate his mom's 80th birthday. It was a special afternoon.
While they've been here Carrie and Mardo have done some sightseeing and shopping. Mardo has met Carrie'sbrothers and some of Carrie's friends. Mardo has tried lots of new foods and we have introduced him to new games like Bean Bags, Ladder Golf, Sequence and Minus Five. Carrie and Mardo also went bowling and played miniature golf. Mardo has learned lots of new words in English. Carrie and I have had a little time to talk, shop together and cook together. We have all gone to church together and this afternoon we went to an outdoor concert for July 4th. Tonight we will watch fireworks.
The time has flown by. All too soon we will be taking them back to the airport and saying goodbye for at least another 5 months. The house will be too quiet. Talking on Skype is okay, but not the same as having our daughter here at home. Carrie and Mardo will be going back to work, and their vacation will be jst a memory for them too.
So -we will enjoy the few days we have left before they leave, cherish the memories we've made, and pray for them as they go back to Guatemala.


Brenton Balvin said...

Mom you have a typo on this post. Mardo is Carrie's boyfriend not her friend. Unless something changed and if so, my apologies.

Caeb said...

Nothing has changed :)