Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a dog's life at the cabin

Percy loves being at the cabin. His favorite pasttime is looking out the window. But he's little, so he needs help.

This window is in the kitchen area. Percy can watch the driveway from here.
I found this stool at an occaional shop, and all I did was re-cover the cushion.

When Percy wants to look into the woods he goes to one of the windows in the family room.
I bought this bench at another occasional sale shop. It was originally a piano bench.I've added a cushion to the top, and the legs have been primed. When it gets warmer outside I will spray paint them a dark color. 
 Here's another window in the family room. I think this is Percy's favorite vantage point. From here he can see the squirrels playing in the oak tree, chipmunks running across the driveway, rabbits under the propane tank and anyone walking along the road.
I need to find a suitable bench for this window. Craig made the bench that is under the window right now out of barn wood. Percy needs a bit of help getting up onto it.

After a full day of running from window to window, jumping up and down on the benches, and keep track of everything that's going on outside the cabin, Percy is ready for bed.

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Carrie said...

Cute! I like these posts, keep them coming, especially once I am in Guatemala. I have to follow all the happenings :)