Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lesson #2 from my dog

This spring we fenced in our back yard so that Percy can be out there and move about freely. It's a large space. There are lots of trees. I couldn't wait to let Percy out there so that he could explore. I figured that I would let him out the sliding door in the dining room and he would be happy out there for a long time.
I also hoped that in the mornings I could let him out the door to do his business while I got ready for work, and I wouldn't need to walk him unless I wanted a walk.

So far, it hasn't really gone like I hoped.

Percy likes being out int he back yard - if someone is out with him. Not alone.
When I am outside cutting the grass, or working in the garden, it is nice to have Percy out there with me. He will find a place to lay or sit where he can see me, and still watch the neighborhood.

But when he is out there alone, he mostly stays along the fenceline, watching anyone in the neighborhood, wanting to get out. He doesn't relax, but keeps moving around the fence. Or he stands at the door, barking for me to let him in.

Is that the way I live my life? Instead of enjoying what I have, do I spend most of my time wishing I had things others have?

Am I only looking at how green the grass is on the other side of the fence, instead of enjoying the beauty of my own yard?

Do I stay at the door of my life, wanting to go back (inside) where it's safe, instead of exploring, going out into the world?

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Carrie said...

Another good thought!

Percy is such a funny little dog, isn't he?