Monday, July 18, 2011

A grand visit from the grandkids (and their parents)

Last weekend our son, Brenton, and his family came to the cabin. Unfortunately, Craig's company sent him the other direction (south) to Mississippi with a load so he couldn't be with us.

On Saturday we had lunch in the park in Emily where there were all sorts of vendors for Emily Day.

Izzy modeled the hair band that she and her mom, Stephanie, had made. We saw some for sale at one of the booths, but they weren't as nice as this one.
We ate corn dogs, mini donuts, a huge pickle on a stick, cheese curds, and brats. The kids played the games and we all watched the parade. Then it was back to the cabin for the afternoon.
Thanks to our friends, the Mileskis, the kids got a pontoon ride around our lake, and jumped off the pontoon for a swim.
The kids loved being on the water, and in the water.
Jake, Izzy and Andrew all had lots of fun swimming, fishing, and paddling around in our paddleboat. Andrew did some cannonballs off the end of the dock. Izzy and Jake jumped off the paddleboat, and counted on me to help them get back in the boat. Jake and Brenton did some fishing, both from the dock and from the paddleboat. They caught:a bluegill, a small northern, and two perch. Stephanie brought yummy food for us all to eat. She was also the one with the bug spray, making sure that the bugs didn't carry the kids away. (The mosquitos and flies were terrible!)

Brenton and Stephanie brought their dog, Manny, to the cabin too. We wondered how Manny and Percy would get along together, but it turned out just fine. There was some barking and growling, and a little bit of chasing around the cabin, but then they settled down peacefully.

On Sunday we went to Emily Wesleyan Church, where Brenton was the guest speaker for the sermon. He spoke about how God has been working in his life, and he shared 5 promises from Scripture that everyone can hold on to when life is hard.
You can hear his sermon here:

Jake, Izzy and Andrew are excited because they get to come back up to the cabin in two weeks, with just Craig and I. I am sure we'll have lots of fun - I just hope the bugs go away!!

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Carrie said...

Wow - so Percy and Manny actually like started hanging out?

Sounds like a fun weekend - I wish we could have been there!