Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kids' Crafts

This weekend with our grandkids we spent most of our time outdoors. But there's always time in a day for being creative. Right?
I picked up some acrylic paints at the dollar store, and some wooden spoons at the grocery store, and with s couple of things I  had in my craft room at home, we were all set for two craft projects.
For our first project I had the kids pick out some flat rocks. We washed the rocks and let them dry.
The next morning we spread out the newspaper. I told the kids that they could either paint their own design on their rocks, or we could put a sticker on the rock, paint around it and remove the sticker when the paint dries.
Here are their finished rocks:
 Andrew chose to try the stickers, and I think his rocks look awesome.
 Izzy chose to do her own design - I (heart) U- aren't they cute?
Jake tried both methods. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the rocks he painted using stickers. He spelled out the name of his dog - Manny. Then on his third rock he painted this cool design. Looks like a hieroglyphic, doesn't it?

For our second project we painted wooden spoons:
Then we added googly eyes, yarn for hair, pipe cleaners for mouths (and arms), and used markers for other details.  The end result is a very cute puppet.

We sure had fun!

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Carrie said...

I love both ideas. The wooden spoons turned out so cute! What great ideas :)