Monday, July 25, 2011

Most recent purchases

This past spring my daughter, Carrie, and I had lots of fun checking out the occasional sales in Buffalo wa well as several thrift stores in the area. We were looking for items that we could use in decorating, items that could be painted or spruced up in some way like things we were seeing on the DIY blogs we like to read.
Since Carrie has gone back to Guatemala I have continued this new hobby.
Here are some pictures of last month's purchases:

I haven't decided where to display this tray - it would look cute in my craft room, but it would also work well with the decorations in the office at the school where I work.

I fell in love with this little glass bottle. When I got it home I filled it with these colorful glass rocks.
It will have a prominent place at the cabin- with it's colors so like the woods and water there.

I also fell in love with this little lamp. I want to jazz up the shade a bit. Watch for more info about that in a future blog!

My husband had been asking me to find a hanging globe light similar to one our neighbors at the cabin have. I was so excited when I walked into The Porch, one of my favorite shops in Buffalo, and found this light.

Now I just have to do something about those ugly white plastic chairs! The light looks awesome at night, but my camera just won't take a good twilight picture.
You can be sure that next month I will be looking for a love seat or a couple of comfy chairs to replace the white ones. I will also be looking for a square table for the other side of this area. We call this our Picnic House. It have combination storm/screen windows on all four sides, and is only about 15 feet from the lake. My husband and I built it several years ago, but haven't had the time or the money to finish the inside yet. We love eating our meals down there, where the bugs can't get us and we can view the lake while we eat.  Here's where I want the table to go.
You can see that this old picnic table is just too big for the space. I think a square table that could be pushed up in the corner when it's just the two of us eating, or pulled out so people can sit on all four sides when we have company, would be better. The white chairs and my new lamp are just to the left of this picture.

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Carrie said...

Such great finds!

The tray is adorable, and I love both of the lamps.

Can't wait to see the shade after you spice it up :)