Friday, December 30, 2011

Highlights of 2011

My son, Brenton, posted his highlights of 2011 and I liked his idea so much that I am copying it.
Here's my list of highlights in no particular order:
  1. My daughter's wedding in Guatemala (she was such a beautiful bride!)
  2. Traveling with my family to Guatemala
  3. Getting in-floor heat installed (finally) at the cabin
  4. Watching our grandchildren swim at the cabin
  5. Getting new furniture and a new arrangement for my craft room
  6. Craig's new truck - a 2003 Kenworth with a nice sleeper to make his trucking easier
  7. Fencing in the back yard, so that Percy and I could play without having to have him on a leash
  8. Traveling to Seattle to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins
  9. Playing games with my kids (Sequence, Cutthroat Uno, Spoons)
  10. Three days of Christmas - an evening with Craig's family, then another with friends, and finally a whole day with our children and grandchildren
  11. Doing crafts with my daughter
  12. Going to church in Emily, and getting to know the people there
  13. Listening to my son preach at the church in Emily
  14. Every moment spent with my children/grandchildren 
  15. Secretaries'conference in Duluth this fall - Duluth was so pretty and weather was mild
  16. Helping Craig left our carving pole out of the water at the cabin

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