Thursday, February 16, 2012

I love numbers!

Did you know that I love numbers - or, more specifically, number patterns? For example, my favorite time is 11 minutes after 11 - because on my digital clock it says 11:11. I loved the date on Sunday - because it was February 12, 2012 - OR - 2-12-12. I am always looking for number patterns - on license plates, on the clock and the calendar, even on price tags.
I love even numbers more than odd ones, and I love learning more about numbers. Here's what I learned today - I learned what a perfect number is.  Do you know what a perfect number is?
It is a positive integer that is the sum of its proper positive divisors, not including itself. Need an example? 6 is a perfect number because it's divisors are 1, 2, 3 and 6 and 1+2+3=6. Isn't that cool? You can read more about numbers at Wikipedia.
The Bible is full of numbers. I think God loves numbers too. Here's one example: the number 40 appears often. The flood lasted 40 days and nights. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai, and Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness before starting His ministry on earth.
My favorite number is 4 - maybe because 2x2=4, and maybe because my birthday is on the 4th.
What's your favorite number?

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Brenda said...

Interesting. I don't have a favorite number per se, but I do see my birth date on the clock several times a week by accident. 6/13. It's funny. Oh, and it's not in the morning!