Thursday, February 23, 2012

To-Do List 2012

I have been thinking about the things I would like to do/accomplish this year. Some of these things are projects around the house/cabin and some are more personal. Here's the beginning of my list:
  1. Stain the deck and pergola

  2. Plant another tree in the yard - on the east side- and add a garden in the northeast corner of the back yard
  3. Add board and batten to one wall of the downstairs bathroom (kind of like this!)

  4. Have the cabin familyroom sheetrocked

  5. Finish my craft room table - it needs beadboard on the ends and the cabinets either stained or painted

  6. Memorize 30 Bible verses/passages
  7. Bike the trails in Crosby
  8. Get back on my diet and lose 10 pounds
  9. Take a furniture making class
  10. Finish the upstairs bathroom at the cabin
  11. Finish 5 craft projects I've started but not completed
  12. Rewrite our will
  13. Go to Georgia with my husband and his family this fall - visit family and friends there, check out some big flea markets, see the mountains of South Carolina, relax, refresh, etc.
  14. Paint the basement floor at the cabin


Brenda said...

Did I hear big flea markets?!
That's quite a list, but, if you're like me, seeing it in black and white really helps me stay focused.

Carrie said...

15. Visit your only daughter in Guatemala.