Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Great Time with our Grandchildren!

Yesterday we were blessed to be able to spend the afternoon and evening with our grandchildren. We met our son, his wife, and the kiddies at a motel. My son had booked a room for the night. He and his lovely wife were going to a concert, and we were going to watch the kids. He booked the room so that the kids could swim in the indoor pool. They love to swim!

Unfortunately, my (Craig) had left his swimsuit at the cabin, so he had to sit by the side and watch me play with the kids. It was so much fun watching all three kids enjoy the pool. Our youngest grandchild, Drew, is just learning to swim - so he wanted me to be at the bottom of the slide when he came down and landed in the water. After quite a few trips down the slide he said, "Nana- take a step back. I'm going to swim to you." Down the slide he came, and then he swam about three feet to where I was standing. The next time he got to the top of the slide he said again, "Nana, take another step back!" Pretty soon he didn't really even need me to catch him or help him at all - he was going down the slide and swimming over to the ladder. Craig did get in on the fun by throwing a beach ball to Jake and Izzy.

When the kids got hungry (and a little cold from swimming) we went back up to the room, got dried off and ordered pizza. After getting dressed and eating the pizza, we took off to see a play at Stages Theatre. We saw the play- Giggle,Giggle Quack and the kids enjoyed seeing people act like animals.

Then we went back to the motel for more swimming. This time I decided not to swim. Drew did just fine in the shallow end of the big pool and in the kiddie pool, and Jake and Izzy had fun playing with a beach ball. After a while Craig brought a mini football down to the pool, and he sat by me and played catch with Jake and Drew.

Finally, the kids tired of being in the pool so we went back to the room. They really wanted to stay up until their mom and dad got back - but one by one they fell asleep. They were just too tired from all the fun and exercise.

We had a fantastic time being with these very special grandchildren - and we hope they had a good time with us too!

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Carrie said...

I am sure they had a great time with you guys! What is Jake wearing, a necklace?