Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is Easter all about?

What is Easter all about? In the retail world it's another opportunity to make money by selling decorations, candy, cards, toys, and more. For some people it's just the last day of Spring Break before the kids go back to school. For others it's one of the few Sundays per year that they think about going to church. Sometimes it's a day for gathering with family. Kids wake up wondering if the Easter Bunny has come to their house. In some churches, and in some cultures, Easter is a really big deal - a time for big productions- passion plays, sunrise services, parades, traditions....
But what is Easter really all about? Is it the only time we talk to our kids (or our friends) about Jesus? If we talk about Jesus at all?
This morning on the radio I heard a comment that caused me to think - the guest talked about how important it was for him to be teaching his kids about Jesus EVERY day so that on the special days like Easter they can celebrate what they already know. I realized anew that  I need to be spending time with Him in prayer and in His Word every day, getting to know Him better so that at Christmas and at Easter I can celebrate what I already know. Jesus. I need to tell others about Jesus every day - His life, His death, His resurrection, His presence in my life each and every day, His gifts of salvation and eternal life. God loved us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and have victory over death so that we can live with Him now and forever. We need to share Jesus all year long.

Easter is about God loving each of us so much that He was willing to give His only Son. Can you imagine the pain it must have cost God to see His Son suffer and die on the cross? Can you imagine the pain Christ endured on that cross? What love God has for you and for me!! Let's remember His love on Easter and every day of our lives, and give Him all the praise, all our love, our obedience and our thanks every day.      

Hallelujah! He is risen!

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