Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday at the cabin

Saturday at the cabin is:
  • bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast
  • having devotions and prayer time together
  • working outside - cutting trees, moving rocks, etc
  • coffee break on the deck, looking at the lake
  • running into Ace Hardware for supplies
  • working inside the cabin
  • tunes on the radio
  • steaks on the grill for supper
  • time to enjoy the beauty and peace around us
Here's the tree that fell on our shed this week. It did some damage to the roof, but Craig was able to fix it.

    When we took the brush and branches to dump them, we came back with a small load of rocks.

    Here's Craig's new Weber grill. He wore out the old one!


Brenda said...

That's quite a list!
Did the tree fall because of bad weather or just a freak thing? Glad no one was hurt and he's handy in that dept.

kris said...

Yes, the neighbors have told us there was a monster storm early Thursday morning. Wind - we're not sure if it was straight line or rotating winds- hail and rain. Luckily we had no damage except for the tree on the shed.

Carrie said...

Breakfast sounds delicious!