Friday, May 31, 2013

Washi Tape Projects

Here are my first two projects using washi tape - a bulletin board, and a hat holder. The tape was easy to use, and really adds a lot of fun to these projects.

I decided that I wanted a bulletin board in our pantry/office area, and remembered that I had an old bulletin board in storage.

It was pretty plain looking - but perfect for a DIY project.
I found some stencil letters and sprayed the back with adhesive. I followed the directions on the can for temporary use - and let the letters sit for 5 minutes after spraying them. Then I attached them to the bulletin board.
After that I painted the bulletin board and frame using a small roller. I removed the stencils very carefully right after painting because I didn't want them to end up sticking permanently. The next day I realized that the whole thing needed a second coat of paint, so I repeated this whole process. I let the board dry for a couple of days then I got out my washi tape. As you can see in the picture below, I used two different tapes - orange on the front and turquoise on the sides.

After that I searched my craft room for some embellishments, and found these fabric flowers I had bought from the Pick Your Plum website. (If you haven't been to this website yet, check it out. They have one item on sale each weekday. Their prices are good, and they have fun stuff.)

Here's one more look at the finished bulletin board. Isn't it cute?

My second washi tape project is a hat holder that I'm going to hang in my office. I keep telling my coworkers about all the "hats" I wear at work - so I'm going to display hats with labels on them.

I found a nice sturdy wooden yardstick at a flea market for 50 cents. I attached wooden clothespins to the yardstick with E6000 glue.Since I'm only using it as decoration, I think the glue is strong enough. If I would be using it every day to take hats off and put them back on I think I'd add a screw to hold each clothespin even better.
After the glue was good and dry (72 hours, according to the label on the glue) I added washi tape to the front of each clothespin.

My hat holder is ready to hang on the wall of my office. Now I just have to get some hats!

A side note: I found that when I added hats, the yardstick wants to stick out from the wall, so I'll be drilling a hole in the bottom of the yardstick and using two nails, one on top and one on the bottom, to hang up my holder.

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Carrie said...

Those are awesome! What great ideas :)