Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun On The Water

We finally got our "new" boat in the water this weekend. It's not a new boat - but it's new to us. We wondered how hard it would be to launch it at the boat landing, if the motor would start, how the motor would run, if it would go fast, if it had any leaks, etc. All our fears and worries were laid to rest as we took it for our maiden "voyage" from Lake Emily to Lake Mary. We had no problems at the landing, and we enjoyed a nice cruise around our lake. Craig opened it up going across, and we found that our boat has plenty of go-power. Once we realized that we had to flip the "accessory" switch, we got the radio going and we listened to music while cruising.

We were having so much fun on the boat that I forgot to take pictures! And when we came in to the dock, it took us quite a while to get the boat on the lift. By the time we were done the mosquitoes were terrible so we ran for the cabin. So I will have to get pictures of the boat in the water next weekend.
It's a great feeling to live on the lake and have a boat to take out on the water.

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Carrie said...

I am excited to ride in it!