Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Garden Features

We have been working on our back yard garden. Several years ago I saw a magazine article about making your own bubbling fountain, so I saved the article. I was cleaning this spring and came across that article and got inspired again. I showed the pictures to Craig, and before I knew it he had found a stump for us to use for our own fountain. We bought a liner just a little bigger than the stump, and a small pump with 1/2 inch tubing. We dug a hole and put the liner in. Then we put the pump in the bottom of the liner, with brick on either side of the pump for the stump to sit on. Next we attached the tubing to the pump and threaded it up through the hole in the middle of the stump.One slight problem we had was that the hole was a lot bigger than the tubing. So Craig fashioned something to hold the tubing in the middle of the hole as it comes out of the stump. We filled the liner with water and plugged in the pump.
 As you can see, by this time it was getting dark, so my picture is a bit dark.
We sealed the wood, and put flagstone around it. We still need to adjust the pump a bit to get the right about of water bubbling up, but I love it. The sound of the water is so nice!

Just a few weeks ago we were in the cities for the weekend, and we drove back to our old neighborhood to take a look around. As we were leaving the area, we noticed that there was a pond liner out on someone's driveway with a sign that said "Free." Craig looked at me and said, "Should we?" So we did. We brought that liner home, and have been working on installing it and landscaping around it. I have lots of inspiration pictures on pinterest, as well as information from friends about taking care of a pond so I have an idea of how I want it to look eventually.

The next step is to get an aerator or fountain for it, as well as some water plants and chemicals to keep the water clean. Then we will fill it with water, turn on the pump and begin to enjoy it.

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Carrie said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see the finished pond!