Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our new kitchen

The day has come! Our new cabinets are here. But first, a couple of before pictures.

Remember our kitchen?

It's still a work in progress because we don't have counter tops, or appliances in except for the refrigerator, and we need window trim and pendant lights -but here's the progress so far this week.

Day One: This is our new island. 

The dishwasher will go in the space below.

 A microwave and a wall oven will go in the spaces in the tall unit on the left. There's space at the top for some decorations or whatever.

Day Two: See the corbels under the upper cabinet?

 Here's another look at the corbels. Don't they give the cabinets a custom look?

The hardware is on the doors and drawers now, and there's crown moulding around the top of all the cabinets.
We have another space above the refrigerator for display.

Here's a close up of the handles. The cabinet maker said we picked out a good style because they are three inch handles (3 inches between the mounting screws) which is standard. So, if we ever want to change them out we can use the same holes.

 Here's the corner - there won't be doors on it. We had hoped that this cabinet would have been a bit bigger - it looked bigger in the drawings. I love the crown moulding, and my shelf above the window.

An unexpected big bonus is that we can reuse our old cabinets in the pantry just off the kitchen. So we now have a butler's kitchen. We will put new counter top on the base cabinet in there that will match the kitchen counter tops. I love it!

Coming up in my next blog will be pictures of some of the special features, plus a few thoughts about the whole process....

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Miss Carrie said...

They look beautiful! I love the little details - I can't wait to see more progress.

I like the handles you chose too!