Sunday, October 20, 2013

In the tote bag business - maybe

In my last post I wrote about the fabric I bought, and the first tote bag I made.  I got so excited about the idea of making bags to sell that I went back to the store and bought more fabric. I have been searching for ideas and patterns online, and I've started experimenting with several styles. I learn something about the process with each bag I make. I have decided to spend the winter making purses and bags, and my plan is to have my own little sale in conjunction with another garage sale in the spring. I am having fun matching fabrics and making my own patterns.  So far my bags are pretty simple, but I am sure that as I get more comfortable with sewing them, I will add more embellishments. Here are some of the bags I've made so far:

What do you think? Do I have a future in this business?

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Carrie said...

Definitely - I love them! I needed one of those today to throw some diapers and toys into to take to church without having to take the whole diaper bag. Christmas present? ;)