Monday, June 2, 2014

What I'm Into in May 2014

I'm following the lead of my daughter, Carrie, who wrote in her blog about what she's been into lately.
As I look back at the month of May, here's what I've been into:

  1. Camping - this winter we picked up Mary Lou, our little vintage camper. We took her out for the first time to Moose Lake State Park and had a great weekend. I am excited to visit other state parks - what a wonderful state we have, full of beauty. There are 67 state parks - and we want to start exploring them. This spring we were looking for a pickup, and ended up buying one that comae with a Lance truck camper. So now we have two campers - choices for what kind of camping we want to do. We took the truck camper down to visit our kids last weekend, and camped out in their driveways. We brought our bedroom so they didn't have to give us theirs.
  2. Flowers - I planted purple pansies in my flower box on the deck. I bought several hanging baskets and have them around the yard. I couldn't resist some multi-colored zinnias, so they're in a pot by the back door.
  3. Fixer Uppers - it's a show on HGTV about Chip and Joanna Gaines, who help couples buy and fix up homes in Texas. Chip and Joanna are also in the process of fixing up their own home - a farmhouse on their own ranch - Magnolia Farms. I love how Chip and Joanna love their kids and involve them in the show. I also love Joanna's style of decorating - and wish they could come to MN and help me finish and decorate our home.
  4. Books - I used to be a big reader, but when we moved up north I stopped reading for some reason. I think it was because my new job was so demanding that when I came home I was too tired to read. And there was so much to do around here: unpacking, sorting, finishing spaces, etc. It feels good to be reading again, even though I'm just reading light fiction.
  5. Hockey - we have been watching some of the NHL playoff games. At first we were cheering for the MN Wild, but after they lost we found out that it's almost more fun to watch games when it doesn't matter so much to us which team wins. We are looking forward to the Stanley Cup match between LA and New York later this week.

What have you been into lately?

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Carrie said...

This was fun to read. I want to watch that show with you! I've been reading more too and downloading lots of free ebooks on my Nook. The problem is I always start so late at night and then I stay up too late, haha!