Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where did the month of August go?

Today is August 31. The last day of August. Tomorrow is Labor Day. Wow!
Where did August go?

I turned on the computer so that I could write a new post, and I realized that I haven't posted since the end of July. So it's time to reflect on what's happened in the last month. Here are the highlights:

  • My brother and his family visited us at the beginning of August. They live in Japan, and we hadn't seen them since 2010 - so we had a lot of catching up to do. 
  • The same weekend that Mark and his family came to Minnesota there was a 75th anniversary party for our aunt Velyma and uncle Laurry. It was so nice to see my family and extended family! 

  • Craig and I went camping the second weekend of the month. We went to Scenic State Park near Bigfork, MN. It's a beautiful state park.

We forgot our coffeemaker, and our old fashioned coffeepot, so we had to improvise.
The coffee was good!

We did a lot of biking. Our favorite part of the park was seeing all the huge trees - some of which are over 200 years old (according to the park ranger.)

  • Craig started working on the office in his shop with the help of a friend from church.

  • Most of the month, for me, was taken up with work. Every week was busier than the week before.  All the teachers came back last week, so there were lots of extra meetings, etc. So pretty much all I did last week was work.

  • Our grandson, Andrew, turned 8 years old in August. 

  • The very most exciting that happened in August was that our son-in-law, Mardo, got his visa so that he, our daughter Carrie, and their son Micah can move to Minnesota from Guatemala! They arrive this coming Friday. So we have been getting ready for them to be here. We moved furniture around downstairs. Craig worked on framing in the windows in the living room so he wouldn't have to do it after they come. And today we bought a crib. 

  • God taught me several lessons in August - about keeping my eyes on Him; about being a new person in Christ - all the time, every moment of every day living for Him; about paying more; and the list goes on. I am so thankful that He never gives up on me - I fail so often but He lifts me up, sets me on my feet, and encourages me to try again. 

I am looking forward to September, to see the blessings God has in store for us in the coming month. I hope you are too.

What are the highlights of your August?

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Carrie said...

I really liked this post and reading your August highlights! You should do this every month :)