Saturday, January 27, 2007


Tomorrow I begin a new stage in life. My youngest child, my darling daughter Carrie , leaves for Guatemala. She will be there for four months! I am so excited for her - she has this awesome opportunity to study there with a group from Bethel University. But I am sad for me because I will miss her so much.
Life is so full of changes. My husband started a new job this month. After 19 years of being a local truck driver he has changed companies to go over the road as an owner operator. So tomorrow, a few hours after my daughter leaves he will leave as well. And I must adjust to being alone. Now I know that my other children, my sons, are still here in town. I know that I only have to call and they will be here for me. I can visit my grandchildren any time and they will give me lots of love. And so I will call, and I will visit, and I will trust God during the times that I am lonely. I will look forward to the weekend when my husband comes home, and I will blog about this new stage of life.
Have an unbelievably great time in Guatemala, Carrie! Don't worry about me - but pray for me as I will be praying for you - and enjoy every minute of this great experience!

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