Monday, January 29, 2007

Solutions for Loneliness

Today is the first full day that I haven't been able to at least talk to my daughter, Carrie. It seems so strange. At work I was pretty busy, and there were plenty of people around to talk with so it wasn't so bad. But now this evening the house is so quiet. I realize that I put off coming home from work. I met a friend for supper, and talked with her for as long as we dared to stay at the restaurant before they would kick us out or make us order more food. Then I went shopping. And I realize that I was shopping to try to keep from being lonely. It only works marginally well - and only until there's no money left! I called my husband, Craig, and talked to him for quite a while. So that worked as long as we kept talking. I listened to a CD - a great one by Mark Schultz- and was caught up in the music. But the CD ended.
All of these "solutions" worked for a time. But I really need to go to the Solution - My Father, God. He's the only One who is always with me, who always loves me, who can really take away my loneliness. So why do I wait so long to run to Him?

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