Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keeping My Head Up

It's not hard to see how God is working in my life - I just have to be watching for Him. Latest example - After feeling lonely last night (and this morning) I came to work and by 8 AM I had an e-mail from Carrie. It was so good to hear from her, and to read her blog about her first day in Guatemala. It cheered me up so much.
A little later a coworker, who is also a second cousin of mine, brought a picture for me. Her mom had found the picture and they made me a copy. This picture is of my mom and her three sisters, and it was taken in 1945. It is such a special picture. Thank you, Nan!
Finally, God spoke to me through a website called Heartlight which has a section for a daily Bible verse. The writer said,
Patient and loving Shepherd, guard my heart from discouragement in tough times and guard it from arrogance in good times. I know that without you I have nothing that is permanent. Thanks for giving me a permanent, steadfast hope of heaven with you, because of your grace and strength shared with me. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
I can look at my circumstances, good or bad. Or, I can keep my eyes on Jesus. I need to ask Him to guard my heart - in times of discouragment, sorrow, loneliness. I also need to ask Him to guard my heart during the good times so I don't get self-reliant or full of the world.

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