Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do you know the way home?

On Wednesday night I took my grandchildren to Burger King for supper. Jake, 3 1/2 years old, and Izzy, 2 years old, gave me directions on how to get there. (For the record - I already knew the way) We had a great time eating fries and playing in the playland. When it was time to go home I decided to take a different way home. So I turned right out of the parking lot instead of left. Immediately Jake said, "Nana, that's not the way home." Izzy joined in, and they both told me several times that I was going the wrong way. It didn't matter what I told them, they just kept insisting that I was going the wrong way. Needless to say, we made it home just fine by going my way. The kids weren't impressed - they just went inside to say hi to their mom. But
I got to thinking about this. First I was impressed that my grandchildren at ages 2 and 3 would be able to give me directions. Then I wondered, why do they presume to know more than me?
Finally I asked myself - is this the way I am with my heavenly Father? Does He ask me to go one way, but I tell Him that I know the way? Who am I to presume I know more than God?
And I realized that it's easier and more comfortable to go the way I know, than to trust Him to lead me in a new direction.
My husband saw a church billboard with this message: regret looks backward, worry looks around. But faith looks up.
I want to be looking up and let God lead me in a new direction of His choosing. How about you?

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