Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let It Snow

All week the weather forecasters have been predicting a huge snowstorm for this weekend. We were supposed to get 3-5 inches last night, have a lull in the storm around noon today, before getting 10 or more inches tonight and tomorrow. So when I woke up this morning I rushed to the window - and saw brown grass. There was a coating of ice on my bedroom window and on the driveway, but no snow. I was actually disappointed. It did start snowing mid morning, and the grass has disappeared. But we got the "lull" this afternoon. Only a little snow. The forecasters are still predicted a major snowfall tonight into tomorrow. Only time will tell.
So as I was working around the house and wondering about the lack of snow I listened to KTIS radio. KTIS is a Christian radio station, and they were playing great music. But the most interesting thing is that they were also broadcasting a live update from Crystal Evangelical Free Church. There's a fishing expo going on there today for families. The organizer of the event said that they had been planning for this event for months - and that they had prayed for good weather so that lots of children and families would come. He gave God all the glory for holding off the snow. Isn't that amazing? I was just thinking that the weather forecasters had gotten it wrong ( again) but God had plans to answer the prayers of the group holding the fishing event so that they could share Christ with lots of families.
God is so big - I need to give Him glory in everything, pray about everything, and keep my eyes open to see His answers.

PS- the fishing expo is over at 4:00. I expect lots of snow tonight!

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