Monday, February 26, 2007

Isloation Brings Reliance on God

I was reading an article that my son, Brenton, wrote for Bethel Seminary's Heart & Mind magazine. He wrote about Linda Bergeon, a seminary student, who spent 11 weeks doing an internship in Romania. Linda talked about the isolation she felt because of language and cultural differences. She said, “God is present in so many ways I can hardly begin to tell you! Isolation brings reliance on God and so I talk to God about everything. I ask about how to rest and God speaks peace into my heart. I ask about meeting people and God makes appointments for me. I ask about fitting in and God reminds me to put aside the physical and mental things that divide.”
That phrase, "isolation brings reliance on God" really impacted me. Since Craig has been over the road trucking, I have spent many evenings alone. I am ashamed to say that instead of reyling on God and spending more time talking with Him, I have filled my time with things. These things - like painting, reading, watching TV, shopping, etc. have filled the evenings. But they have not filled my soul. And I have wondered why I haven't been sleeping very well. There have been times when I've asked God to help me sleep, or to take away fears - and He always does so. But know I know that I have been wasting a lot of time.
So, starting today, I am going to spend less time filling my evenings with things and spend more time with God.
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caeb said...

Mom-I miss you tonight. I wish I could have a mom hug. I am not like sad, but I just miss you. Good thoughts too...but please keep updating your blog! I like reading about what you do :)