Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let It Snow - Part 3

Here we go again! The weather forecasters are predicting 13-20 inches of snow by Friday afternoon . . . my husband still isn't home. . . and Jeff has another hockey game tomorrow night. IF we get a snow day and school is cancelled (which I doubt) I should probably bake something to give the neighbors who might need to help me clean the drvieway again. And, tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading over to Blaine in the snow again, to go to the hockey game. The difference from last weekend will be the amount of traffic, I'm afraid, since it is a work day for everyone tomorrow. At least it's warm enough to melt the driveway and roads - so the orads don't stay bad (like they do in early winter.) Hockey and snowstorms seem to go together!

About the hockey game, the Bethel Royals are playing St. Olaf in the semi-final game of the MIAC Championships. Bethel played St. Olaf last weekend and split the series, winning at home. The game tomorrow night is also at home for Bethel, and I am confident that Bethel can beat St. Olaf one more time. Go Royals!!

PS- My son, Jeff text messaged me this morning and I loved his message. It said, "3 tickets to the Royals playoffs, $21. Popcorn at the game, $3. Seeing you son score a goal in the MIAC Playoffs, PRICELESS." I agree!

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