Friday, February 2, 2007

Living One Day at a Time

During my morning devotions I read about how God provided manna for the Israelites while they were wandering in the desert. (Exodus 16) He gave them just enough for one day. No matter how much manna each family collected off the ground, when they measured it there was just enough for their family for one day. If they tried to save some overnight it was full of worms by morning. And then it hit me-
God has a lesson in this story for me.
God wants me to trust Him each day, just like He wanted the Israelites to trust Him. He wants me to trust Him to provide for my needs for one day - each day. He doesn't want me to just sit around and wait for Him to bring things to me. I have to work, just like the Israelites had to collect manna each day. But I am not supposed to worry about the future. God will provide for my needs - one day at a time, just what I need.
So I am going to trust Him (and thank Him) today !!! (and tomrrow, and the next day, . . . )

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