Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Royals are Number 1!

This weekend the Bethel Royals beat St. Mary's twice. Down in Winona they won 3-2, and on their home ice in Blaine they won 3-1. So, with one weekend left in MIAC conference play, the Royals are in first place. There are several things that make the Royals a fun team to watch:
  • 4 balanced forward lines: it seems like each game a different line dominates. With so many players who can put the puck in the net, other teams have a hard time matching lines.
  • Great goaltending
  • The whole team has great speed. They can beat almonst anyone to the puck.
  • great fan support - there must have been 1000 people there to watch the game on 2/17.
  • the rapport between the Royals players is so good. Even the guys on the bench who don't get one the ice support those who are skating.

The Bethel Royals must win or tie at least on game next weekend against St. Olaf, or St. Thomas must lose both of their games for Bethel to end up in first. The Royals are in charge of their destiny. St. Olaf can be a tough team to beat, and you can be sure that the games will be very physical. But I believe that this Royals team has the skill and the determination to beat St. Olaf.

Go Bethel!!!

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