Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing Grace

Yesterday Craig and I went to see the movie, Amazing Grace. I did not know too much about it, except that it was about William Wilberforce, and was produced by a Christian company. (I think, or at least a company who is trying to make movies good for the whole family)
I really enjoyed the movie and I learned a lot. The movie did not have any bad language, no sex or violence, and had a good message.
Early in the movie William is involved in politics and he finds God. So he wonders, should he go into the ministry and serve God or stay in the the Biritsh Parliament and try to change the world. His friend William Pitt suggests that he can do both. And so he does. He was moved by the stories of the slave ships - the terrible conditions, the loss of life, etc. and he introduces a bill to abolish the slave trade. It takes 27 years before the bill is passed. During that time he loses his health, loses his singing voice, and almost loses his will to keep fighting. But he is encouraged by another friend, John Newton - the author of the song "Amazing Grace." How often do you get to go see a movie in a public theater where one of the lines is "I am a great sinner but I have a great Saviour"?
This is a movie worth going to see!

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