Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Cabin - Heaven on Earth

Yesterday we went to the cabin. With every mile we drive I leave a little more stress behind. As we drive down Whitetail Drive, the last mile to the cabin, I can hardly wait to be there. I remember when we had our boxer dog, Major. He'd sleep almost the whole way to the cabin. He'd wake up and smell the air when we went around Lake Mille Lacs, but then he'd settle down again to doze until we got to Whitetail Drive. Then he'd sit up, stick his nose by the window, and get more and more excited until we pulled into the driveway at the cabin and we'd let him out of the car. I felt a little like that. I couldn't wait to be there. And it was everything I'd remembered - peaceful, absolutely beautiful, and home. It really is home.
We only stayed one night but the weekend felt wonderfully long.
I went for a long walk out on the lake, enjoying the blue sky, warm sunshine and crisp air - and the fact that I was "walking on water." The ice is still over 2 feet thick. There was and SUV driving out on the ice. But I still thought about how I was standing on water (under the ice) in the middle of the lake, looking back at the shoreline. And I marvelled at Peter's courage to step out of the boat and start walking across the water to Jesus. I don't think I could have even got out of the boat. I was standing on ice so thick it would support an SUV vehicle, but I still wondered if I was going to go through the ice. And I thanked God for the beauty of the world around me, and for loving me even though I am so fearful.
Craig spent the afternoon at his shop - putsing around and loving every minute.
For supper Craig fried up crappies that he had caught himself back in December when he went ice fishing on our lake.
Then we watched the MN Gophers play the ND Sioux for the WCHA championship. I don't think I've ever seen two hockey teams play a better game. Both teams played with incredible intensity - skating fast and hard, checking even harder, making great shots on the net and each goalie making unbelievable saves. It was a tremendous game.
This morning we woke up to grey skies and cooler weather. But we were still at the cabin - and the magic was still in the air. We went out for breakfast with Rick and Lynn, and then came back to the cabin to soak in the peace.
We decided to drive home midafternoon because it was starting to snow. The peace of the cabin goes with me.
So now I will remember the cabin as I go through the week. I will remember the beauty, the magic. I will thank God for the cabin. And I will get excited as Friday comes closer and I can go up north once again.

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