Monday, March 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

This weekend I celebrated my birthday and it was a great birthday - because I got to be with my family (most of them, anyways). My husband gave me a great gift - he sent me to get a set of acrylic fingernails at a nail salon. I picked out "Pearl of Ruby" for the polish color. (When my grandson saw them, he said "Nana what's on your fingers?) Now I have to say that I think the nails are a gift for me and my husband because he loves getting his back scratched with these acrylic nails!
My son, Jeff, played for Bethel in the MIAC men's hockey championship game and they won!
It's Bethel's 1st championship - so that was a pretty sweet birthday present. We saw all three of my boys at the hockey game. Then on Sunday after we spent a great morning worshipping the Lord at New Joy Church in Rogers, Jeff spent the afternoon at home and Brenton and Steph and their kids (my grandchildren) came over for supper. They gave me a beautiful teal and brown bowl and we had a delightful time playing and talking together. Jake, Izzy and Drew were all dressed in identical shirts. You can see my grandchildren here.
So, the only sad part of the day was that my daugther was not here. I talked with her though. We'll have to have a big party and celebrate everyone's birthday when she gets back from Guatemala.


Stephanie said...

I think the nails on the back is a Balvin thing. Brenton loved when I had nails, he was always saying I had no excuse to scratch his back!

caeb said...

Oh Mom. Happy birthday. I wish I could have been there! (Although you probably didn't have ice cream cake :)

Lori said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kris! Sounds like it was a nice one!