Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pajama Day

I love pajama day.
Every year at school we have a spirit day called pajama day. It's the day when it's okay to wear your pajamas to school. Everyone dresses for this day. Some just come in sweats, others have flannel pj's, some wear their slippers, others wear their robes. Some do all of the above. The staff members have as much fun with this day as the kids.
So here I am, sitting at my desk in the office, wearing a comfy t-shirt, jeans, and my bathrobe. My robe is a thick, soft long robe. It's navy blue with light blue snowflakes on it. It's so warm and comfy that it almost puts me to sleep.
Some parents forgot that it is pajama day today. They come into the office and give me a funny look. Then I can tell that comprehension dawns - that's right! It's pajama day! Some have even gotten jealous that they can't be going to work in their pj's.
It's just one of the many perks of working in an elementary school.

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